A School Trip to Bendrigg

In June, 9 pupils from Oakfield House School headed off to Bendrigg Trust in Kendal for a week of adventures. Bendrigg is an outdoor pursuits centre which gave our pupils the opportunity to try lots of new activities that they hadn’t done before. We had a go at bush craft, abseiling, climbing, canoeing, orienteering and caving. The activities really challenged our pupils and it was fantastic to see how proud they were after achieving something they told themselves they couldn’t do. Many of our children’s self-confidence grew throughout the week, as did their independence. The trip also enabled pupils to form good relationships with their peers and staff members. Lots of teamwork was promoted throughout the week and it was lovely to hear all the pupils cheering one another on during the more challenging activities.

The pupils stayed in a private lodge and were encouraged to help set the table for meals and help staff to wash up afterwards. The children learnt how to do their own washing, make their beds and look after their belongings.

Most of the pupil’s described the week as, “The best week of their lives”. Hopefully this trip has made some brilliant memories for our pupils during their time at Oakfield.